Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super Soapers Facebook Group

Super Soapers Facebook group is happy to introduce themselves to you & invite you to come read our new blog about soapmaking.... We are a fairly new group on facebook that was created for the soap artists at heart.... Super Soapers has very talented members in the group & some gorgeous soaps that they have created & share with one another as soap artists.... Our groups mission is to help further our own soap education with the help of others & is also a place for us to come & unwind from the day & all of our hassles that life deals us....

Our group consists of ALL levels of soapers, from beginners to experienced, as well as hobbyists, & even those who sell their soaps at Farmer's Market's, Craft shows or from their personal website or Etsy shop... Each week our blog will showcase new information, recipes, soap artists of the week & instructional videos for anyone who is wanting to learn to soap or just may need a little more direction in their current soapmaking process.... We like to give advice & help out those who are in need of it....

Super Soapers blog will be contributed to from members of the group, where some are more experienced in different areas of soapmaking & their skills are solely focused on Melt & Pour or Cold Process, as well as Bath Bombs & other bath & body products.... We look forward to sharing our soapmaking experiences with you & helping to educate you along the way.... If you are a soap artists, just beginning or a lifelong soaper, we encourage you to come join our Facebook group, we love meeting new members, & their soaps.....

Happy Soaping,
Misty Raines Clapp

Super Soapers Group Admins.
-Misty Raines Clapp
-Danielle Darden
-Genny Felix
-Christine Coleman Rodriguez


  1. YAY!!!! LOVE to contribute and help out soon!!! xoxo, Soyoung

  2. That is great to hear, Soyoung! I'm excited for our members to be contributing to the blog :)

  3. This Super Soapers group has been so incredibly helpful to me. I love it and I thank Misty for creating it and getting it off the ground. Thanks to the page admins for assisting her.

    I have a feeling Super Soapers is going to keep growing and become something really BIG :-)


  4. Thank you Linda... I'm glad that everyone enjoys it so much, & I would love to see it grow even more.... I'm always trying to think of what more can be done for the group, & I have come up with so many ideas that I think everyone will love, just can't do them all at once.... But I would much rather thank ALL of the members of the group for helping me bring everyone together & making it what it has become, which is a great, supportive, community of soap artists.... We continue to learn something more everyday from one another, & that's something to appreciate.....


  5. looks like the group is closed or not available. any other places to discuss natural soap making?