Monday, December 3, 2012

Super Soapers December "Featured Artist"!!

                                                               Featured Artist: 
                                                                   NaYeon Kim

This month we introduce to you NaYeon Kim, a very talented, & artistic Soap Artist... It is a real treat to see her creations... We love having her as a member in our Super Soapers Group, always looking forward to seeing her next creation... It makes it very exciting to have her as our "Featured Artist" this December... And, being that this is December, & Christmas is right around the corner, this is our monthly gift to you...

Super Soapers: Tell us a little about yourself.

NaYeon Kim: My name is NaYeon as you already can see. I’m originally from South Korea and moved here to America about 3 years ago. I live with my wonderful husband and 2 lovely cats. Even though I sometimes miss my country and family, I really enjoy living in Washington state.

 SS: How did you get started in soapmaking?
NK: I had always been interested in homemade soaps but didn’t start actually creating my own until 2010. I had come across some YouTube soap making videos one day on the internet and decided to give it a try. I watched many videos from variety soapmakers and bought some books to get me started. The first batch I made was a plain cold process soap without any colorant and scent. I was very excited with my first creation even though they were just plain bars.

SS: Do you CP or MP, & why?

NK: I do both CP and MP, simply because, I love to do them both.  They have their own unique characteristics that allow me to do many different things.

SS: What inspires you most?
NK: I can’t pick just one or two. Whenever I see something cool and unique, I try to recreate it in my own way.

SS: Do you consider yourself an artist?
NK: I definitely consider myself an artist when it comes to soap creation.  I try very hard to challenge myself with new designs, and techniques.  I do take a lot of inspiration from other art work and even enjoy finding ways to recreate them into my soap.


SS: How has soapmaking changed your life?
NK: The community that has been introduced to me, through my soap hobby, has been amazing.  I have made many friends through online social networks, where we share our creations and stories.


SS: How would you describe your creative process?
NK: Well, in many cases, I really try to create complex soap designs, once just for the challenge, and may not do more of that particular design. After that I move on to my next inspiration, and find the real fun lies in figuring out the technique for each unique soap creation. But saying this, I really love rustic or plain looking soaps.


SS: What do you benefit the most from other artists in your craft?
NK: I love to see other crafter’s creations and finding new, & evermore challenging designs, techniques and information to learn, like piping flowers, or blending solutions to create that interesting and eye popping look. I also watch many soapper’s YouTube channels where I can follow their stories and learn more about the craft, from other experienced crafters, which helps me to continue to become more knowledgeable in the process. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, & Happy Holidays, to ALL of our Followers.... -From the Super Soapers Group...

This interview was conducted & edited by Misty Raines Clapp, Super Soapers Creator & Admin. You can contact Misty

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  1. I love NaYeon's soaps, they are always so artistic and amazing!

    1. Thank a lot for this compliment. As you are one of my super star soapers, i'm so honored to have this comment.

  2. NaYeon is a fantastic soap artist! Love her designs!

    1. Thank you soooo much Suzanne for recommending me for December Featured Artist. As i mentioned above, i'm just so honored. :)