Monday, August 13, 2012

Easy CP (cold process) Recipes by The Naughty Soaper

Here are some "Easy" CP Recipes, contributed to the blog by one of our admins, Genny Felix, from The Naughty Soaper.

All of these recipes are done with 5% superfat and at full water (38%). Although, these recipes have already been ran through a soap calculator, Genny reccommends that you run them through again, as a precaution before attempting them.

Simple 3 oil recipe:
8 oz Olive Oil
4 oz Coconut Oil (76 degree)
4 oz Soybean Oil
6.08 oz Water
2.243 oz Lye (NaOH)

Chocalate Lover Soap:
8 oz Olive Oil
6 oz Coconut Oil (76 degree)
2 oz Cocoa Butter
6.08 oz Water
2.337 oz Lye (NaOH)
1.4 oz Unsweetened Baking Chocolate
0.5 oz Cocoa Powder
*When you're melting the cocoa butter and heating your oils, add the baking chocolate and cocoa powder*

Coffee Soap:
8 oz Olive Oil
8 oz Coconut Oil (76 degree)
8 oz Soybean Oil
6 oz Avocado Oil
2 oz Castor Oil
12.6 oz Triple strength Coffee
4.457 oz Lye (NaOH)
*Brew triple strength coffee, use it in place of the water. Add 0.5 oz of coffee grounds to the soap batter at trace*

*Remember, when working with lye to take the neccessary safety measures, to ensure a safe, soaping experience.

The Super Soapers Group
-Misty Raines Clapp
-Genny Felix
-Christine Coleman Rodriguez
-Danielle Darden


  1. Thank you for the awesome and easy recipe. I will definitely try~~~~ If I do not have soybean oil, Could I try safflower or rice bran oil?

    1. Soyoungi,
      You sure can replace the soybean oil with either safflower or rice bran oil. Just remember to recalculate the recipe to get the correct lye & water measurements.

      Genny ~ The Naughty Soaper